The future of the industry belongs to the faster "wave"


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Original: zhong tao jun

On May 4th youth day, b station launched a speech entitled "after the wave", which failed to inspire the young people of today, but shocked a large number of "once" young people. Why does "back wave" get so much attention? It is only because in this age of new things bursting out, they have made most middle-aged people intuitively aware of the sense of crisis. On the contrary, after nearly 40 years of development, the ceramic industry is also suffering from a "midlife crisis", especially in the past two years, many sales staff feel more and more obvious that the market is difficult.

If you're starting to feel unfamiliar, it's probably because old ideas don't apply to the "familiar" industry. It is precisely the need for everyone to maintain the sensitivity and innovation of "post-wave", so as to better adapt to the accelerated iteration of the industry under the catalysis of the epidemic, which is also the reason why the author wrote this article. The following is to share for you, the recent industry behind the big events about the four "wave" thinking.

Brand "afterwave"

Be more rational about the SLATE and live streaming

After the panic and anxiety during the epidemic, the clouds over the pottery industry are gradually lifting, and it is time for enterprises to make more rational considerations on brand operation -- such as rock slab and live broadcast.

Recently, delitai company is undertaking the construction of modern industry 4.0 + digital intelligent high-end wide-body rock board kiln furnace in zhaoqing lubu production base of new pearl ceramics group. As we have learned, the sumite ceramics under the new pearl ceramics group is in the table mesa, TV open and close wall, custom cabinets and other rockboard home application has become more and more mature. It is also the gold medal Asian tile which is involved in the SLATE field earlier. According to its insiders, the company's SLATE phase ii project is expected to be launched and put into production in mid-to-late may. "In the future, the rock board may be branded," said tan tianqian, executive vice President and director of brand operation center of gold Asian tile.

On April 27, the no. 2 rock panel kiln of qianghui group was successfully ignited, representing another fierce general of the domestic rock panel corps. Recently, when I visited an enterprise in nanzhuang, I was informed that the brand of the enterprise is also ready to start pushing the rock board, which shows that the industry is in full swing in the pursuit of rock board. Faced with the explosive growth of SLATE production line this year, the brand not only follows the trend, but also recognizes the positioning of SLATE.

In addition to the SLATE, many brands are also flocking to live streaming. They are not only keen to sell bricks through live streaming, but also to attract investment through live streaming. April 28, Europe shennuo ceramics continue to increase the horsepower online live investment on; It is reported that the online investment conference successfully signed up 74 dealers. Coincidentally, on the afternoon of April 30, jinke ceramics also tried to live broadcast "cloud investment promotion" for the first time. While signing contracts with 13 cities, the live broadcast of jinke ceramics also attracted 155 customers to sign up online. Undeniably, live broadcast investment has broken the previous limitations of regional investment, but the industry still has different opinions on live broadcast.

"Integrating online and offline is a future trend," bao said in a live broadcast of the quoran academy. The Internet, video and platforms are only tools for people to use. They have been looking at this thing with suspicion and even rejection, and the final result is that those who take the lead have already harvested the fruit. No matter it is rockboard or live broadcast, it is certain that the brand that is brave to accept new things and keep rational thinking is the "wave behind" that is more suitable for survival in the industry.

Terminal "back wave"

Brand management with new thinking is better

At present, most people are still confused about the market situation, but as mentioned above, the effect of online business attraction is quite good. Does that mean that the new era and new opportunities have come quietly? According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, the post-80s and post-90s generation will account for an increasing proportion of the new ceramic industry, and the "post-wave" has already arrived.

In the process of terminal investigation and interview, it can be found that the new generation and the second generation are always more open-minded. Whenever the subject of elimination and shuffling comes up, they will say: "when others are suffering, we have an opportunity." Nowadays, post-80s dealers have become the mainstay of the terminal market. One post-80s dealer in yantai told me: "compared with the golden age of the industry, it is not difficult to say that the market is now, but it really needs more efforts to do well."

Before sell ceramic tile, have goods to be able to sell; Now it is necessary to be able to do activities, understand space design, and be able to build a team. The threshold for employees is getting higher and higher. Suzhou Jane a marble tile shopping guide told the author, they have no simple shop shopping guide, everyone needs to have the ability to run the community and decoration company. Nanjing dajun ceramics dealers said they require people to be able to use design software and often have similar skills training. It can be seen that operators should not only have entrepreneurial spirit, but also constantly improve the professional quality and ability of the team.

Traditional mom-and-pop stores and family stores are gradually being replaced by corporatized operations, and the old building materials market is gradually being replaced by large stores. Since the beginning of the year, a number of large home building materials stores have ceased to operate, whether it is necessary to enter high-end stores is a hot topic again. Suzhou east peng ceramic tile, Nobel ceramic tile new retail director said: as a big brand, it is necessary to enter the mall. And yantai eliza white tile dealers also think: to make it the best local brand, it is necessary to have a shop in the best location in the best shopping mall. So most of the city's leading stores, often a shop is difficult to find. As for the measurement of operating cost, some dealers explain it as follows: "the high cost is certain, but we don't compete with others in price. We want to make value, and the value is service."

Production area "afterwave"

Are racing to expand production capacity

Since someone shouted that "gao 'an will surpass foshan in 3-5 years", the competition of "no. 1 producing region" has been brought to the surface, among which there is no doubt that gao 'an in jiangxi and teng county in guangxi.

According to media reports, since the beginning of the year, the production and sales of high 'an in jiangxi province have been flourishing, while tengxian county in guangxi province has been booming with the completion of several leading production bases. In march last year, the third production base of Mona Lisa group was officially laid in tengxian county, guangxi province. At the end of December last year, two production lines in the base took the lead in ignition trial production; On April 30, the whole line project of glaze line of A, B, C and D kiln in guangxi production base of monalisa was successfully put into operation and bricks were produced.

Guangdong heyuan is not willing to follow. The middle Douglas (heyuan) construction ceramics production base in luohu town, dongyuan county is currently in the pre-commissioning stage. It is understood that the project plans to build 24 modern wall and floor tile production lines with an annual output of 72 million square meters and a total investment of 3.398 billion yuan.

There are many overseas players on the track of expanding production capacity. On April 23, the inner wall brick production line contracted by zhongyao for zhongyang group Nigeria mass ceramics was successfully put into operation in zhongyang industrial park, Nigeria, Africa, with a designed daily output of about 40,000 square meters. Recently, British producer Forterra is building a new £95 million (835 million yuan) factory...

It seems that the global demand for architectural ceramics has been increasing through the competition of various production areas to expand production capacity. As for which "back wave" can take the title of the first appellation, it is only a matter of rotation.

Cross-boundary "back wave"

Find a way out of the crisis

On the evening of May 5, Mona Lisa released a notice that country garden venture capital about 500 million yuan to subscribe for the Mona Lisa 6.22% of the equity. On April 12, country garden also paid 500 million yuan for a 6.5 percent stake in diageo. According to the open information shows, at present country garden already dabbles in furniture, floor, ambry, bathroom cabinet, chest, shower room to wait for finished product to live in an industry, partial household building materials product already can realize self-sufficiency.

On the afternoon of May 5, gull housing announced the latest development of Sun Talent, a wholly-owned Sun company, to acquire the listed ceramic tile company in Vietnam. Together with the previous acquisition of champion tile, seagull has not been the first time to move on the tile field. Since 2015, gull has made a number of intensive investments, including 19 major investment projects and 7 m&a projects. At the beginning of 2020 alone, 3 m&a cases occurred, with a total investment of over 1 billion yuan.

Under the extrusion of hardcover room ceramic tile enterprise turns around one after another to open up project collect channel, expect estate enterprise to have begun to prepare oneself to produce ceramic tile, can cake still leave a few by then? Ceramic tile may not even have time to embrace everyone to live in the field, be integrated by the industry outside, annexation, the ecology of the industry is changing. Transboundary loot seems to have become normal, can do at present, it is in demand when the end of the transfer of reconstruction sales chain, ceramic tile is gradually replaced by other materials to find a way to replace others.

Last month, guangdong jinyi pottery group and jingdezhen taowen travel group reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement, with a total investment of 610 million yuan to construct three new production lines of jinli and lvneng. Recently, yizhipeng baowart company annual output of 1.8 million square meters of ecological ceramic permeable brick project civil engineering has been basically completed, is currently installing equipment; April 28, hunan shaoyang industrial park of sintered glazed foaming ceramic insulation board market project started, a total investment of 520 million yuan plans to build 4 fully automated production lines, with an annual output of 4 million square meters, annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan......

With the popularization of prefabricated building, ceramics, as a new building material, will usher in a broader market. Therefore, under the crisis of "the Wolf is coming", enterprises can still find the opportunity to break through the siege, from struggling to digest production capacity in the past, to actively pursue the tuyere and seize market demand. Only in the industry ecosystem to find their own position, become an indispensable part of the industry, there is a chance to become the last "wave".

Finally, say a word in time: the royal wind and line, upstream, is the construction of the pottery industry "after the wave".

Author: hong xiaochun